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The Michelin Guide has consistently awarded more stars to Tokyo dining establishments than any other city in the world. I created this blog as my personal Tokyo restaurant guide, but I hope you will also enjoy reading it. If you have been to any of the same places feel free to leave some comments about your own experiences.

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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Bitto, Shirokane イタリア料理BITTO白金

One of the more pleasing things about life (and writing this blog) is that just every now and then, one is pleasantly surprised. On a recent weekday dinner I had such an experience at Bitto in Shirokane. That evening I was tired, and not in the best of moods as the restaurant I had planned on going to without a reservation was shut. I know...failing to plan is planning to fail and all that!

For many a year I have known of the existence of Bitto in the lower reaches of Kitazato Dori in Shirokane but never felt an urgent need to go there. The modern izakaya next door, Konomu has always seemed a more attractive option.

I can report that the people in this family run establishment are pleasant and the food is really surprisingly good. All the dishes seem to have quite a high price attached to them, but the servings are so large that two big eaters can easily share them without a fight.

On the night my dining partner and I visited, there were quite a few things not on the menu. I also didn't dare to enquire whether the "arai guma" (the "washing bear" or as we know it, the racoon) was available. There's a strong note of authenticity and dedication in the cooking, so who could ask for more on a cold February evening?

Take my word for it, it's racoon simmered in red wine sauce. Kawaisoooo!

Seafood was really fresh and delicious

This course was the pièce de la résistance. Assorted deep fried mushrooms with deer ragu and a chewy, thick pasta we got to choose. No idea what the pasta was called - I have so much more to learn about Italian food.

Tiramisu - as good as it looks!

My dining partner's "baba". Again, as good as it looks!

Tel: 03-3441-8113

Friday, 25 February 2011

Le Gaulois, Jingumae ルゴロワ神宮前

Le Gaulois is a modern French bistro situated in Gaien Nishi Dori on the way to Sendagaya, opposite the Jag dealer. The location is a little out of the way but you can have lunch and then sit in some nice new cars! One interesting feature of this fairly small restaurant is the very large table that looks like it could seat around 20 (making it great for a party).

I recently had lunch there with a colleague and was very impressed with the food and service. The basic lunch set costs 2,900 yen and includes a generous entree, main, dessert and coffee. I deem them also inducted into the "Order of the Bringers of More Bread Without Having To Ask For It" (which is one of my key marks of a restaurant that cares about its guests). For my entree I had a mixed plate of salad leaves, fresh herbs and marinated mushroom served with tempura of oyster and asparagus, topped with a thin fried noodle pancake and dotted with balsamic vinegar and mustard. This was a divine combination and much more elaborate than I had expected. I love a surprise like that! For my main I had salmon and vegetable served in an earthy prawn sauce, which was also very good. Dessert was a blanc manger served with fresh strawberries and coulis. It was just about the tastiest blanc manger I've had for a long time.

I will be back to Le Gaulois for sure, and would also love to try them for dinner at which time I will add to this review.

Well, after almost three years I can add to this review! Here are some pics from a recent dinner at Le Gaulois.

All the food on my recent visit for dinner to Le Gaulois was competent and tasty. I think lunch is probably better value though...

Hot terrine with foie-gras. This was very tasty.

Salad with tempura of langoustine and white fish.

Crab soup
Fish with green sauce (sorry! - I wasn't sure what it was)

My dining partner's venison

My beef
Tel: 03-3404-0820

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Bistro Tunnel, Roppongi ビストロトンネル六本木

It was on a bitterly cold and snowy Valentine's Day evening that I had my first experience at Bistro Tunnel. I was looking for somewhere that would be warm and hearty, but that also would not break the bank. Tunnel came highly recommended from a French friend who has been lunching there for some time. As it turned out, my dining partner and I were the only ones in the restaurant that evening, so our laughter and merriment was rather more unrestrained than usual!

The food and wine is reasonably priced, the service is really pleasant and the cooking leaves nothing to be desired. Highly recommended by yours truly.

Charcuterie plate. The terrine had pig's ear in it! Pig's ear isn't really my cup of tea but ate it all anyway...

Jamon Serrano

Caesar salad

Prawn and ratatouille. This was delicious. I ate the shell too!

Cassoulet - yum! That's a pretty big sausage they've got there...

Soft serve ice cream with coffee granita.

Tel: 03-6662-5432

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Tsushimi, Komaba Tsushimi 駒場

Tsushimi can be found in place of the old Miravile in Komaba. The restaurant has been completely refitted in a more contemporary style, but the chef remains the same. The food and service also remain absolutely superb.

I hope you enjoy this photo essay from a recent (and very enjoyable) dinner. All the courses are the chef's "omakase" and all of them were delicious. I should take a notebook next time so I can remember exactly what they were. Gomen, dear readers!

Tel: 03-6407-8024

L'Assiette Blanche, Shirokane ラシェット・ブランシュ 白金

L'assiette Blanche is a little French restaurant in the less glamorous backstreets of Shirokane just up from Meiji Dori. The food and service are just great. I've been there for dinner and lunch and both were superb. I even prefer it a little for lunch as it was better value but the food was still great.

Here are some pics from a recent visit for dinner:

Amuse of cheese and ham on toast. I've made this before many an evening ;-)

Shirako. The horror, the horror. I was very clear about my desire not to eat baked fish semen and sperm cocktail, but my dining partners didn't refuse strongly enough and were served this delicacy against their wishes...

Creamy risotto with prawn and asparagus.

Fish (cannot remember which type) with yummy, crispy skin. As a kid I never imagined I would enjoy eating fish skins but well...

Duck with foie gras. Tasted as good as it looks.

Creme brûlée

Blanc manger

Nougat with espresso. This was my dish and was yummy! I did not offer to share it...