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The Michelin Guide has consistently awarded more stars to Tokyo dining establishments than any other city in the world. I created this blog as my personal Tokyo restaurant guide, but I hope you will also enjoy reading it. If you have been to any of the same places feel free to leave some comments about your own experiences.

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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Spyro's, Harajuku スピローズ 原宿

Spyro's is a sunny "al fresco" style Greek restaurant in the middle of Harajuku. There were no actual Greek staff on hand but the atmosphere of a Greek seaside taverna definitely comes through (as well as could be expected in the middle of Tokyo). Light meals are mostly what is on offer and the prices are not especially expensive. I started off with some fried Haloumi cheese, which I had never seen before in Tokyo and is one of my favourites. It doesn't sound very Greek, but I especially enjoyed their french fries which seemed as though they had been twice fried (which as any chip connoisseur knows is the secret to deliciousness!). There were quite a few gristly bits in the beef yeeros, which was a bit gross. The baklava was much drier than it should be, but still tasted quite good. So the food's not perfect, but it's still worth going there for the change of scene, especially on a nice sunny Tokyo summer day.
Tel: 03-5786-4446

Monday, 11 June 2007

Tsukushiro Sharks Fin Chinese Restaurant, Ebisu 筑紫樓 恵比寿

Sharks Fin is a fairly swish Chinese restaurant situated in the backstreets of Ebisu, not far from Ebisu station. I have eaten there a number of times for lunch, most recently on a Sunday when I ordered their middle of the road lunch set (pictured). Normally I don't care for "Chuka Ryori" (Japan style Chinese) but this food tasted just authentic enough to get my seal of approval. The fried prawns in mayonnaise were excellent and the little piece of Peking Duck we got was actually not too bad. The chilled ani doufu given for desert was quite nice and just what was required for the June weather. So for reliable slap up Chinese food in Ebisu in quite nice surroundings, Sharks Fin is just the place. And of course if you want to spend the money you can eat Shark's fin as well - I guess I'll do that next time!
Tel: 03-3760-0016

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Cardenas Charcoal Grill, Ebisu カーディナスチャコールグリル 恵比寿

It had been quite some time since I visited Cardenas at Ebisu. This Ebisu mainstay is located not far from Ebisu station and Komazawa Dori, on the hill just before the Ebisu "five ways". The menu has changed since I last ate there, which is something I like to see. There's a range of nice California/fusion style dishes on the menu, but the lobster caught my eye, and seeing it was my birthday I thought "why not?". Even at expensive restaurants my experience of lobster in Tokyo has usually been quite underwhelming. However the lobster I ate here was absolutely fresh and delicious. There's something to be said for keeping the poor critters alive until just before we eat them (sorry!). I highly recommend Cardenas for a date, business dinner, or for dining with a group of friends. The food and service is always great and they're open until 5am.

Tel: 03-5428-0779

Côte d'Or, Mita/Takanawa コートドール 三田

Situated on the ground floor of a 70's style mega apartment complex is the well established French restaurant, Cote D'Or. The service and food is everything that you would expect for a restaurant in this price range, which is the expensive one! My dining partner and I ordered the tasting menu, the highlights of which were an amazingly fleshy and tasty sting-ray cooked in butter and a melt-in-the-mouth oxtail. The ambiance is quiet and elegant, making it the perfect setting for a very special occasion. The prices ensure that this would be a place to visit only every now and again.
5-2-18 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3455-5145

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

La Grappe, Nishi Azabu ラ グラップ 西麻布

La Grappe is a delightful french restaurant located in the backstreets of Nishi Azabu. The staff are delightful and the food, prepared by a chef that lived for four years in France, is consistently good. Even for lunch, they start you off with an "amuse bouche" with your bread. On my latest visit I had a lovely gazpacho for starter followed by an excellent main of slow cooked pork with rice - considering the quality and size of serving it was very good value for 1890 yen. I was simply too full to eat dessert, but in the past when I have it has been yummy. This is a very appropriate restaurant for a date or a quiet business "tete a tete".

Official Blog:
Tel: 03-3403-2029

David's Deli, Mita デビッドデリ 三田

David's Deli is situated quite close to the D2 home center in Mita which is how I first came across it. The interior is quite plain save for the Chagall reproduction windows around the staircase which represent the 12 tribes of Israel and add a very interesting touch to the whole place. The food is quite dear and there are no lunch sets but the servings are decent and the quality is superb. Whenever I go I can't stop ordering the same thing: chicken schnitzel pita sandwich, along with baba ganoush and kubbe. There's plenty of other middle eastern style delights on the menu as well as well as some Jewish mainstays such as matzo ball soup (which is good for those watching their waistline), but I just enjoy my habitual order so much! My only real complaint is that you have to pay extra for the pita bread when you order the baba ganoush, houmous or other mezze. Stingy! But I can look past it as the food is GOOD and the service friendly.
Tel: 03-5441-1211

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Le Lion, Ebisu ル・リオン 恵比寿

Le Lion is a cute reproduction of a Lyonnais bouchon (featuring shop genuine shop window stickers from Lyon and French radio playing in the background) located in the back streets of Ebisu. The food and service are good, and it's a great place for brunch on Sunday. I had a lovely rillette (a spread made out of pork) on sliced baguette, followed by an excellent omelet filled with cheese, lightly curried potatoes and lardons. My only complaint is that the dollop of ketchup on the side was a bit unnecessary and detracted from the taste of the perfectly made omelet. There was plenty of bread and a carafe on hand which always adds points in my book.
1-21-16, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3445-8131